LUK Technical Diving

Rescue Diver Course

Learn how to rescue your diving buddy and essentially how to rescue yourself

Rescue course will teach you how to respond to all kinds of emergenices, on the surface and underwater. During the course you will gain theoretical knowledge and learn new in-water skills so you can be ready to react in difficult situations. You will learn how to recover an unconscious diver from depth, help tired diver on the surface, search and recover lost diver, tow unconscious diver back to the boat on the surface while performing CPR,… But not just that, you will learn how to take care of yourself and other divers so that potential problems can be discovered and eliminated even before the actual dive starts.

Course consists of two parts. First is academic part, done online via e-learning program which gives you a thorough theoretical knowledge. When you pass your e-learning and the final theoretical exam, you will than start your in-water sessions.

NOTE: Student prerequisite – before completing the Rescue course, all students must have completed:
1. First Response Adult and Child Emergency care provider course, and
2. Oxygen administration provider course
Courses have to be completed within last 12 months. If you do not have courses completed, don’t worry, you can finish both courses with LUK Technical Diving.

Who this course is for:

  • Advanced Open Water Divers

Course info:

  • Duration: 3 days (5 dives)