LUK Technical Diving

About Me

My name is Andrija Lukenda, a passionate technical diver, advanced trimix rebreather diver, and technical diving instructor based in Split, Croatia, a doorstep to the most famous wrecks of Adriatic Sea.

My Goal is to pass my passion and knowledge to others, so we can create a community of well trained and well educated SCUBA divers.

I am the founder of LUK Technical Diving, a facility that specialises in education and training of technical divers, in both open circuit and closed-circuit rebreather, following TDI standards.

I’m also an SDI and PADI sport-recreational scuba diving instructor, as we all have to start from somewhere.

I’ve been involved in diving industry for over 15 years. Gaining my experience while traveling around the globe, primary as a Yacht Captain but Scuba Instructor too, diving and working as scuba instructor in the world’s best diving locations.

I’ve created LUK Technical Diving to give support, education and training to those willing to step into the world of technical diving.

For those who would like to become better divers, more efficient divers, gain as much knowledge and skills possible before they can venture into the world beyond limitations of sport – recreational diving, beyond 40 meters of depth and beyond no-decompression limits.

Also, for those sport-recreational divers willing to learn more, sharpen their underwater scuba skills, perhaps work on their buoyancy and trim which are foundation of scuba diving especially technical diving.

LUK Technical Diving is there for those already certified and competent divers, perhaps adv. trimix rebreather divers, coming to Croatia to discover beautiful underwater world of Adriatic Sea, and looking for a local knowledge, experienced dive guide or maybe a safety diver for their underwater activities.

As a JJ rebreather instructor, I am also a JJ-CCR dealer.

Get in touch and book your CCR try dive session, order your JJ-CCR unit through LUK Technical Diving, complete your JJ-CCR user course and become certified JJ-CCR diver.

LUK Technical Diving is here for you!