LUK Technical Diving

Intro to Tech – Fundamentals of Technical diving

Technical diving. What is technical diving, a term commonly used these days by many scuba divers? But not many understand what technical diving actually is.

So, what is technical diving?

Well, it is probably easier to explain what is not technical diving than what it is.

Not that long ago, diving on Nitrox was considered technical diving, whereas today, every dive centre in the world offers Nitrox dives as normal. Nitrox as specialty course is been offered by all scuba diving agencies, available to all certified Open Water scuba divers.

Single tank air dive to 40 meters depth on a tropical reef, within no decompression limits or NDL’s, is not technical diving. Not planned, 15 minutes deco, single tank dive on air as breathing gas, to 55 meters deep wreck, done by Open Water scuba diver holding Deep diver speciality certification, is also not technical diving…. Even though divers making such dives may think they are technical divers, in fact they are far away from being technical divers.

For starter, a real technical diver will never exceed his level of certification, he will not break “rules”, and will always follow procedures of safe diving. He has enough knowledge to see potential problems and be well aware of potential consequences.

Technical diving is diving beyond limits of sport – recreational diving, beyond 40 meters of depth, beyond NDL’s and single tank air diving. Technical diving is diving in overhead environments, while using specialized equipment and standardized equipment configuration.

Technical divers use twinsets filled with mix gasses. They carry stage and decompression tanks; they follow strict procedures to use those stage and decompression tanks safely, while decompressing from precisely planned deep and long dives. Technical divers plan their dives and dive their plans.

They use dry suits, diver’s propulsion vehicles or underwater scooters, spools, reels, they penetrate wrecks and caves,…… they use rebreathers.

But most importantly: technical diving is not all about diving, technical diving is a lifestyle. A diver must have mentality to be a successful technical diver. Be focused, be patient, be calm,…. be perfectionist in a way. Constantly train, be physically fit, educate himself, read, practice, ..…

A photo from our Technical Diving Course