LUK Technical Diving


What is D.I.R. in scuba diving? Have you even come across that term? D.I.R. or Doing it Right is a holistic approach to SCUBA diving. D.I.R. has been developed over the 90’s in the US, during Florida’s cave exploration done by Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP), but bases of D.I.R. can be found in the […]


Diving on Nitrox used to be very “technical” not so long ago. Now days nitrox is available in almost every dive centre around the world, and scuba diving agencies offer nitrox as speciality course to any certified open water scuba diver. But why Nitrox? Diving on nitrox gives us opportunity to stay longer at depth […]

Planning a technical dive

How would you go about planning a technical dive? Have you ever planned a proper technical dive? Well, if you are a certified technical diver for sure you would’ve done it at least during your technical diving courses, but if you are still not a certified technical diver and you haven’t done the panning yet […]

Intro to Tech – Fundamentals of Technical diving

Technical diving. What is technical diving, a term commonly used these days by many scuba divers? But not many understand what technical diving actually is. So, what is technical diving? Well, it is probably easier to explain what is not technical diving than what it is. Not that long ago, diving on Nitrox was considered […]